BOLO - Be On Look Out ...Not An Acronym, A COMMITMENT

BOLO - Be On Look Out for Office Creepers

These individuals are dressed like your coworkers or building service personnel and rely on the anonymity of busy office buildings to cover them during their crime.


  • Try to become familiar with most of the coworkers in your immediate area. That way, you can easily identify an individual who may be out of place.
  • If you see someone wandering the halls or casually roaming about, ask if you can help her/him. Ask questions like, “May I help you find someone?”
  • If your building has an access control policy where visitors must wear a badge, you should notify security immediately if someone is walking around without proper identification.
  • If you believe an individual seems suspicious, notify security. Be sure to note details about the person’s appearance so that you can thoroughly describe him/her.                                                                                                                                                   REMEMBER ... Be On Look Out! See Something - Say Something!

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