BOLO - Be On Look Out ...Not An Acronym, A COMMITMENT


We understand that good customer service skills is a significant aid in an employee's ability to perform.  
We equip our staff with a unique level of customer service skills to help create an environment that is safe, engaging and inviting. 

Keeping employees, tenants and visitors safe is the most critical challenge property managers and owners face. Controlling access, responding to issues and emergencies or delivering an important document must all be done with an eye toward excellent customer service and enhancing tenant satisfaction. 

Having a team that can serve as ambassadors for what is important to you is fundamental. We provide ideal candidates that are identified through our selective recruiting resources; then carefully match to positions based on their experience.
Once on board, their high aptitude for customer interaction will develop through ongoing training and familiarity.

Whether we are escorting guess, protecting people, property & information we give BOLO's team the tools and encouragement at all times to be helpful, enthusiastic and professional

  • Armed and Unarmed Guard Service for Access Control
  • Fixed, and Roving Patrols
  • Safety and Fire Protection
  • Incident Response and Report
  • Key Control and Sensitive Area Access Control
  • Command Center Operations
  • Badge Administration and Visitor Center Operations
  • Concierge Services
  • Cleared Facility Escorts and Monitoring

Security Services